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When I read a book I seem to read it with my eyes only,
but now and then I come across a passage, perhaps only a phrase,
which has a meaning for me and it becomes part of me. 
Somerset Maugham

Our past has served to create who we are - and give us direction for where we are going.  We have learned so much from all the dogs who have passed through our lives . . . and to them we are eternally grateful. 

Am Can CH Vandell's Lil Pow'der Keg, CD

Puff was the start of it all!  She had come to Lee as a "project" dog.  The poor little girl had been in an abusive home ~  but was showing the potential for being able to return to her sweet and loving nature.  The hope was that Lee could restore her confidence so that she could be placed in a forever home!

Little did he know that she would never again leave his side!  They became a lifelong team.  When Lee and I started dating, we discovered that my Sheltie, LaSabre's Bonnie Be Good, CD (aka Anna) and Puff were litter sisters, and hard for non-family members to tell apart!  

Puffer went on to finish her Championships in both the US and Canada - attaining her Companion Dog obedience title at the same time.

From the date of our marriage in January of 1980, until the day the girls left this earth, there remained an imaginary line across the bedroom:  Anna on my side of the bed ~ Puffer on Lee's, faithful guardians to the end.

CH Kensil's Rain Dance

Rainy loved to run ~ hated to show
Loved getting treats ~ hated being groomed
We made a pact!

You finish, you can retire!

And finish she did, in grand style and whirlwind fashion . .  garnering three consecutive
 GROUP placements:
First came the Group IV from the classes,
then a Group II the day she finished - and
a Group I her first time out as a CHAMPION!

Thank You Rainy, it was one heckuva ride!

Am Can CH Lancia's Clarissa

Clarissa was probably our most intuitive dog ever!  She came to us as an adult, at a most difficult time of my life, having lost both of my parents in rapid succession.  Through it all, Clarissa was my rock. 

When I was reflective, she laid quietly beside me
~  when I was filled with anger,
she calmed me with her serenity
when I needed to laugh, she played the clown
~ when I stumbled, she steadied me.

She finished easily in the US and Canada, with breeder judges and all-rounders alike commenting on her ability to cover ground 
so effortlessly.   

We miss you, Rissy! 

Shadypines Charades

Charades was what breeders refer to as a "cryptic blue".  Although she generally appeared to be a tri-color, she had a few faint gray spots.  At specialties - where the open AOAC classes are divided, she would be seen in the Blue class.

Her color didn't deter the judges from finding her quality though, as Charade was an extremely sound and typey girl.  Unfortunately, we lost her to a sudden illness far too early and had nothing down from her to continue on with in the breeding program. 

We are eternally grateful to our dear friends Lynn and Christy Broussard of Shadypines for allowing Charade to be part of our lives.  Her story taught us so much!

Chapter's Omamori

Shizue taught us to be humble.  A gorgeous puppy "flyer" - garnering her first Best in Sweeps at barely 6 months of age - Shizue had our hopes flying high!  Finally - our years of hard work were paying off.  She had it all: beauty, structure, brains, flash -- why we even turned down a substantially large offer from our Japanese friend who wanted to buy her.  No . . . I couldn't part with her at any price.

Then, as only a Sheltie can do, she continued to grow right past the 16" size limit!  She sure made her new family a gorgeous pet, and they loved her into old age ~ for that I'm grateful. 

Her story was a great lesson!

Tall Timber High Tor

Tor came to us from our dear friend and mentor,
Noel Bosse of Conifer Colorado. 

At the time he was being campaigned here in the Northwest, the trend was for larger dogs, and although he had a beautifully chiseled headpiece,
a well put-together body and a sound mind,
rare was the judge that could find this
typey little 14 1/2"  male. 

Tor was ahead of his time, and were he alive today, I have no doubt that he would fly to his Championship and be lauded for the moderate dog that he was.

Can CH Tall Timber That's That!

Phronie was our book-end sidekick with Tor.  Both were totally within the standard's required size limit, yet both overlooked by so many judges because they were the smallest in the ring!  Such a discouraging time for us ~ to know they had qualities that ran deep in their pedigrees, yet constantly struggling to be noticed. 

But we learned much from those struggles.  The moral is that we must constantly strive to education our judges as to the breed standard  . . . and we must hold fast in breeding to that standard, not to what is fashionable or popular for the time.

Again, were Phronie alive today, she would be cherished for her moderate stature, correct type and mentally sound mind.

Thank You, Phronie, you were never small of heart!

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