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The Book of Girls
Just as it is with the boys, our girls must be far more than just a pretty face!  First and foremost, they must be able to impart to their offspring the qualities and virtues described in the Sheltie standard.  While the breed is known to be sweet and endearing . . . our girls must also be mentally, physically and genetically sound in order to preserve the breed we are sworn to protect.  It is with this thought in mind that we plan each and every breeding. 

Currently residing here at Chapters are:
Chapters Bare Essentials

Kytra, one of our CH Macdega Notorious ROM daughters,
made her show debut last winter and already has a BOB on her resume.  We're excited to see what she has in mind for a storyline, but whatever it is, it's sure to be filled with excitement and adventure.  Kytra has never done things 'by the book'! 

Her pedigree can be found by clicking her book, below.

Kytra has attained her CHIC status
 # 83271 and has the following health checks:

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, LCP Normal, MDR1 Normal/Normal, vWD Clear, Eye CERF Normal, Cardiac Normal and full dentition certified 

Chapters Decorum

Jana, sister to Kytra, will be making
 her career deb
ut soon. 

Out to pen a sequel to
"Sense and Sensibility", Jana is
the logical sister - always grounded
 in reality and left wondering
"What were my sisters thinking?!"  

She is the dam of our young bi-blue
girl, Paige, who recently made her
Northwest debut.
Jana's pedigree can be seen by clicking her book.  She also has her CHIC status, under #84141 with the following test having been completed:

 OFA HIps Excellent, Elbows Normal, LCP Normal, MDR1 Normal/Normal, vWD Clear, Eye CERF Normal, Cardiac Normal and full dentition certified

Hillstone Chapters Second Edition
Mandy is a sister to Paige's
father, Chapters Snowy River.  Both were co-bred with our friends at Hillstone Shelties - home of their sire, CH Hillstone Deep Winter. 

moderate 14 1/2" tri-color, Mandy steals the heart of everyone she meets.

She is the mother of Ronan's first litter and we couldn't be more excited!  Five beautiful tri-colored babies that already show the promise we had hoped.  You can see their debut video on our New Releases page.   

Mandy's pedigree is linked to her book, below.

Mandy's health clearances are still in the works due to her age; however, she is well on her way to her CHIC status as well.  At this point she is:

vWD Clear; Cardiac Normal; Eyes CERF normal; MDR1 pending certification

Chapters Title Paige

We're proud to introduce our impetuous little girl, Paige.  She's just getting her career started and it appears she's going to write comedies!  She takes after her father (Chapters Snowy River  - see books in other libaries) in her search for the more fun things in life. 

Much to the chagrin of her mother (Chapters Decorum), little Paige fails to see a reason every day can't be a party.  So come one - come all - join the fun, and watch for her impromptu festivities at the local shows.

Paige is working on her CHIC requirements, and is Eye clear and Heart normal.  She is considered to be "clear by parentage" for vWD and MDR1; however, her DNA confirmation is still in the works.  She, of course, won't be eligible for OFA certification until she is two years of age.

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