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The History Book
Our book began back in the early to mid-1970's, when Lee and I were on separate paths, both as young fanciers of our respective breeds.  Lee was just starting his show endeavors with Saint Bernards back then, and I had a little sable rescue Sheltie boy. 

Lee had fallen prey to the great Boeing lay-off that was historically said to have 'turned out the lights in Seattle'.  He purchased a small derelict animal boarding facility and began the task of breathing life back into it.  Through his dog-show contacts he met some Pyrenees breeders in the area, and through them came to love the breed for its beauty and intelligence.  He obtained his first Pyr through a rescue situation and, as they say, the rest is history!

It was soon discovered that Lee had a special way with animals, and as a favor to a friend, he took in what would end up being his first Sheltie - a little mahogany sable girl who had been abused.  He quickly turned "Puff" around and helped her earn her Companion Dog title in obedience while simultaneously garnering her AKC Championship!  In the meantime, his life was filled with being a single father of two girls, and in building a struggling business.

My divorce about the same time found me with just one Sheltie - an obedience trained and titled sable girl who was given to me by a friend.  She could no longer have her in the apartment, and I was in need of a faithful companion.  "Anna" came to be my confidant through some pretty rough times.  As a single mother of two, I couldn't afford much in the way of entertainment, but fun-matches were an inexpensive way for us to fill the day with friends and laughter.

Lee and I became good friends over the next couple of years through our mutual love of animals, in general, and the sport of purebred dogs in particular.  The fact that our paths would intertwine could probably be considered destiny, especially considering Puff and Anna were litter-mates!  They were reunited when we married in 1980, and spent the rest of their days protectively guarding their respective sides of the bed! 

Over the ensuing years we became heavily involved in the pet care industry, working together to build a business that would serve us well.  By the mid-1980's we'd purchased our second animal care facility and were charter members of several related associations.  Thirty plus years . . . and many, many chapters later, we still enjoy the path we chose to make together.  With a blended family of four grown children, nine grandchildren, a great grandchild due in late July, our Shelties and our Pyrs, we can't imagine it any other way.

We are now semi-retired, and enjoy life in the Northwest on just over 11 acres nestled in the shadow of Mt. Rainier.  We maintain a limited number of Shelties and Pyrs, and think of ourselves more as 'guardians' of our breeds than 'breeders'.  Our book is far from finished . . . and we still have some exciting chapters to share! 

Feel free to come back and join our book club anytime!

Lee and Sue Atwood

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