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Welcome to Chapters . . . home of Shetland Sheepdogs for over 40 years.  Pull up a chair, get comfy, and enjoy your visit to our library.

The book of our lives is a work in progress, with the beginning known to many, but the ending known only to One.  As the story of our life with Shelties unfolds, each book with its own plot and cast of characters, we find new challenges and excitements.  But then, isn't the fun of a good book in finding out what twists and turns a story will take? To us, the story is not in the title, nor in the epilog – it’s in each and every turn of the page!

Please, feel free to browse through our bookshelves and read some of our favorite stories!  If you're looking for a Sheltie of your own, be it puppy or adult, please 
click here to see what is available at this time.

If necessary, we will be happy to refer you on to other dedicated Sheltie breeders, as it is our primary concern that you find the puppy that best fits your family and lifestyle. . . whether it is one of ours or one from someone else.




We maintain a very limited number of dogs so that each and every one receives the attention they deserve.  Breeding stock is all tested for genetic disorders and are not incorporated into the breeding program unless they are able to attain their CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) status.


Please respect our creative genius and don't copy any portion of this site without permission.  Thank You!

Sue and Lee Atwood
Buckley Washington

Proud member of
The American Shetland Sheepdog Association


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